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Steven presents a new special workshop on Uranus and Eris. This is his first detailed presentation on Eris, and includes a full day of teaching on the subject.

When life plays its wild cards, for good or for ill, the planet Uranus is generally in the spotlight. The "lord of earthquakes and lightning bolts" usually lives up to his name. But lately there is a newcomer.

First hailed as the "10th planet," Eris - or "Discordia," as the Romans called her - brought chaos into the astronomical world and triggered the debacle of Pluto being downgraded to a dwarf planet. Being a newbie, Eris is not widely employed or understood by modern astrologers, but it should be. It is 27% more massive than Pluto and it has been one of the astrological puzzle's missing pieces from the beginning right up until our lifetimes.

It falls to us as the inheritors of our craft to begin to open our consciousness to this edgy new wild card in our system. Eris' energy and action are different from those of Uranus, but Eris can be equally explosive. And over the next few years, the two bodies will be conjuncting in Aries, which promises a wild ride for one and all.

Join Steven in exploring the action of these two Lords of Chaos, one familiar and the other new, powerful, strange and unsettling. We’ll strive to understand their function in the birth chart, and how they respond to stimulus via transits or progressions.

7 hours, 55 min. | includes video, audio and all handouts | recorded March 2015.

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