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Finding the perfect partner” sounds like a great idea – but if you are crazy, simply locating that person will not help you very much. Intimacy starts with evolutionary work you do inside yourself. Where are your intimate blind spots? What do you not want to see about your own nature? Where does your woundedness take a bite out of your wisdom about who is actually right for you?

Synastry – the astrology of relationships – usually centers on the comparison of two birthcharts. That’s like starting college before you have gone to high school. In this workshop, Steven will focus on three critical areas in the context of the individual chart. First, we consider the unique intimate requirements of your own soul. What are you learning? Passion? Peace? Trust? Independence?

Second, we decipher your chart’s warnings regarding anything that might be blocking you from getting it right.

Finally, we explore how your chart describes your natural mate – that is to say, how, amazingly, woven into the symbolism of your birthchart, we find a description of someone with whom you share a soul contract – someone who might not even have been born yet when you took your first breath.

“Mates” and “partners” are words that make us think of coupling relationships, but the principles we explore in this workshop also apply to that human masterpiece: the soul-bond between dear friends.

We will of course honor all the gender variations, as men and women struggle to love each other and themselves, whatever physical guise their souls are wearing.

10 hours 50 minutes | includes video and audio

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