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Taking care of the Moon in ourselves is the same as taking care of our hearts and souls. Boil it down to its bones, and you have the secret of happiness. But unraveling the Moon’s guiding message requires that we release ourselves from the strictures of reason and instead learn to how to hear this mysterious, non-linear  Lunar language. “Being in touch with our feelings” is part of it, but only one part.  Creativity, dreams, intuition, healing (and being healed) — these are all lunar topics too. The Moon is deeply related to “family” in every sense of the word, along with “the Mother,” both literally and archetypally.

In this in-depth instructional video, master astrologer Steven Forrest introduces the  dynamic, multi-dimensional nature of the Moon, then explores how it functions in each one of the twelves signs of the Zodiac. What is the “mood of your life” if your Moon lies in Gemini? How is that different from Pisces? How do you maintain a sense of happiness and well-being if your Moon is in Capricorn?

The Moon’s sign is only one part of the larger Lunar jigsaw puzzle of house, phase, aspects, and so on – but understanding the Moon sign is a foundation principle in astrology, every bit as critical as knowing the Sun sign.

Mini Course with Steven Forrest. 

2 hrs. 13 min. | includes video, audio and full transcript

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