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These are the nuts and bolts of our craft, but in focusing so narrowly we run the risk of losing the big picture. The real art in professional astrology lies in presenting an integrated, emotionally connected sense of how all the pieces fit together. This requires a different set of skills. We must rely heavily on our intuitive functions and learn how to welcome them into the process. We must learn to detect themes and patterns in the symbolism.

Given the time constraints of a client session, we need to make strategic judgments about what material we can safely ignore. Symbols contradict each other, just as do the differing needs and drives we all feel inside ourselves.

How do we find the right balance when, for example, the chart is describing a person as both as introvert and an extrovert?

How do we present a time in which the feeling of love and the strong need for independence collide? Most critically, how do we put it all in plain, clear, human language? How do we build the bridge to the clients’ heart? These are the areas where astrology veers from being a craft or even a science into the realm of a true art. The good news is that, within limits, these skills can be taught. Steven will spend the first couple of days exploring this territory at a broad, theoretical level, so we can all grasp the principles. The rest of the time will be a chart reading intensive, with (volunteer) class members putting their names in the famous sorting hat to be drawn at random.

Steven will unfold the karmic story, integrate it with the present astro-psychology, and demonstrate his techniques for holistic, client centered analysis and presentation.

This program includes theory (8 hrs.) and two chart reading examples (11hrs). 

19 hrs. 45 min.

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