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Learn how to work with the Four Angles in this essential foundational workshop with Steven. The Four Angles are made up of the Ascendant (ASC), Midheaven (MC), Descendant (DSC) and Astrological Nadir (IC), and mastering their interpretation provides a solid underpinning for any understanding of the natal chart.

Our first step in understanding the Four Angles is to ask why we have placed so much emphasis on the MC and ASC and so little on the nadir and DSC (7th house cusp) in modern astrological practice. Our valuing of “style” and “career” over inner life and human relationship is a cultural error here – and we astrologers must not be swept into it by under-emphasizing the IC and DSC. In this class, we explore an integrated, inter-dependent view all four of these critical functions.

You will learn their core meaning in the natal chart and also in developmental terms under the stimulus of transits, progressions, and solar arcs. Metaphysical astrologers of days gone by thought of the Four Angles as the “cross of matter upon which spirit was crucified.” Our view will be cheerier! But we do understand that the successful concrete manifestation in the real world of one’s soul intentions is critically dependent upon a strong, conscious response to these four elemental points.

8 hrs. 18 min. | online course with video, audio and pdf handouts

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