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These three inner planets go far beyond the books you read, your romantic life, and what annoys you. In this workshop Steven explores Mercury, Venus and Mars in depth so that we can understand their elemental functions in the evolving psyche, both in their role in the natal chart and by progression and solar arc.

In Buddhism, there are "three poisons." The root poison is Ignorance - and it is Mercury's job to dispel it. Ignorance spawns two more poisons. One is attachment and desire. Purifying that soul-disease is the result of achieving a highly evolved response to Venus. Anger and fear are the third poison, and getting past them brings us to the process of elevating our relationship with Mars.

As we enter into right relationship with these three planets, we become wiser, more loving, and more courageous. And, of course, when we go astray with them, we tie ourselves up in illusion and false belief, fall into foolish relationships that hurt us, and go nuclear on all the wrong targets.

In this workshop, you'll follow Steven into an important area that is too easily dismissed as merely basic astrology. Understanding the deeper purpose of these planets is a significant part of the foundation upon which our evolutionary possibilities rest.

Includes descriptions of each planet natally, then looks at each planet "in action" through transit, progression or solar arc. Includes examples of several planet-sign combinations such as Mercury in Sagittarius and Venus in Scorpio, as well as several planet-to-planet combinations, including Venus to Saturn, Venus to Uranus.

11 hrs. 32 min. | available for instant viewing including video, audio and all handouts

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